Sweet potato chips (Anglicizing my Camote-Q)


How do you make your chips?  I don’t drizzle oil on them because it doesn’t completely coat the sliced spuds.  So… I give them a quick fry in olive oil (when I want to go vegan) or fat of my choice (usually goose fat), and then that’s when I put them in the oven–pre-heated at 180C and then baked for 20 minutes.

I should tell you this was so good!


By the way, camote cue (sometimes spelled camote-Q) is deep fried sweet potatoes–on its own, or sprinkled with sugar granules, or coated with caramelised sugar.  It’s usually skewered (sweet potatoes in the PH are firmer–like ordinary potatoes) then peddled on the streets (yes, street food!).

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