Red kidney bean rissoles


Finally–English cooking!  This is from the Farmhouse Kitchen (Book 3) of Yorkshire Television.

IMG_7369.JPG225g of red kidney beans (dry)
2 pints water
2 onions (finely chopped)
50g wholewheat flour
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp dried rosemary or sage
salt and pepper
a little oil for frying

Preparation (starting the night before):
1. The kidney beans would need to be prepared the night before–225g in weight of dried beans soaked in 2 pints of water overnight (sorry, we didn’t weigh them after boiling so I can’t tell you what they’re tinned equivalent would be).
2. In the morning, drain away the water. Replace with 2 pints of fresh cold water, then cover and give a rapid boil for 10 minutes, then reduce heat and cook for 1 to 1/2 hours until the beans are tender. Then drain.
3. Divide the beans into two, and mash the other half.
4. Combine all the ingredients listed and season to taste. Leave aside in a cool place to firm up (est. 30 mins)
5. Use two tablespoons of mixture to shape a round rissole (makes 12 to 14). Leave aside in a cool place to firm up (est. 15 mins).
6. Heat oil in a skillet and fry rissoles–3 to 4 minutes each side until cooked through and lightly browned and crispy on the outside.



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