Fish & dip!

One of the things I love about the UK is how near everyone is to the sea–much like in the Philippines.

Last night we went fishing for mackerel, and grilled them for lunch today.  I made a dip by mixing soy sauce (est. 2tbsp), lemon (half), and threw in 1 chilli from the potted shrub on the kitchen windowsill.


I was doing the hard work of coaxing, taking pictures and lightening the load of our picnic basket….


Our first catch…. 😦  They were compassionately un-hooked, and we apologised.


A hard hour’s work of hunting.  Walking back to the dwelling cave….


They seemed happy though.  Lived their lives to the full–and they were also full of whitebait.


Gutted!  For grilling!


No one in this world should go hungry!

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