Picadillo and giniling are the same!


‘Just made giniling again–didn’t know this is also called picadillo!  Well, this is the Filipino version, of course 😉

I usually skip the raisins, but this time I added them.  My verdict?  The flavour is mellowed–which I really like, but my co-consumer prefers more the without-raisins.  This almost reminds me of menudo—but that will come another time.

The recipe stays the same.  I again used beef here.

(Note1: When served on a bed of rice, topped with sunny side up, and a fried plantain on the side, the dish transforms its name to Arroz a la Cubana!)

(Note2: When cooked dry, ie, omitting the tomatoes, this can be used as filling for empanada!)



12 responses to “Picadillo and giniling are the same!

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  2. That’s interesting about the raisins mellowing the flavor. I rarely add them to savory dishes even if the recipe calls for them, but I never thought about that effect. I’ll have to leave them in next time and see what happens!

    • I was surprised as well, Rini, that a lot of locals here don’t like raisins–back home it’s special as we can’t grow grapes in the PH!

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