Chicken in tamarind broth (mock sinampalukang manok)


IMG_4949This is probably nowhere near the real sinampalukang manok, but just to satisfy my craving!  The real sinampalukang manok would have real tamarind leaves in them (and as far as I can remember that’s the only vegetable in it), and real, green tamarind fruit as souring agent (the fruit is boiled, and then sieved).  Shame on me, I had to use again that powder mixture made by K_ _ _ r!  But I enjoyed my meal so much, and the craving was satisfied! 🙂

Oil for coating the bottom of the pot
2 chicken thighs (preferably with skin)
1 large white onion (julienned)
1-inch ginger (thinly sliced)
1 large courgette (thin disks)
2 tomatoes (sliced)
1 lemon grass (sliced lengthwise)
2-3 cups water
pinch of sea salt
fish/Thai sauce
1 tbsp of tamarind powder mix

1. Coat the bottom of your pot with a little oil.  Sear both sides of the chicken.IMG_4951
2. Add the onion slices and ginger.  Stir then cover the pot until the onions wilt.
3. Add the courgette, stir and cover.
4. When the courgettes have wilted, add the tomatoes and lemon grass. Cover.
5. When the juice from the tomato starts running, add water (either hot or cold will do). Let boil.
6. Add a pinch of sea salt, two dashes of Thai sauce, then cover and leave to simmer.
7. When the chicken turns tender, add a tablespoon of tamarind mix powder.  Stir to dissolve, then turn off the stove.

This is a sour broth–I’d say the sour taste should be 8 to 10 times sour than it is salty!


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