Chinese egg soup


This is a soup that I miss and which we always got (part of meal packages) when we ate at Chinese restaurants in the PH.  I don’t mean Chinese fast-food, but real, proper Chinese restaurants (compliments of work lunches when on official duties).

I didn’t know how it was made though–but I came across it in Rini’s blog (I wonder why she hasn’t posted anything anymore for some time).  Now that I know the basics (egg and cornstarch), I’m now able to wing it:

  1. In a deep pot boil some corn cobs.  When cooked, take out of the water, cool and shred the corn.
  2. Meanwhile, in the boiling ‘corn water’, add some shredded chicken pieces.  Onions and garlic can be added (they can be sauted first as well).
  3. Add back some of the corn kernels.
  4. Dissolve some cornstarch in cold/tap water (1-2 tbsps).  Add slowly to the pot while stirring.  When the desired consistency has been achieved….
  5. Crack an egg or two into the soup and stir right away–don’t wait for too long or you’ll end up with some poached eggs!
  6. Season with salt and pepper.


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