Chelsea buns

Chelsea bun

This is from the Hamlyn New All Colour Cookbook (1986).  The recipe is supposed to yield 9 buns, but we usually roll the dough into two thin Swiss rolls so we’re able to come up with plenty of mini buns.

2 tsp dried yeast
5 tbsps milk (warm)
½ tsp sugar
225g strong plain flour (set aside 50g from this)
Chelsea buns½ tsp salt
1 egg (beaten)
15g butter (melted)
Golden syrup to glaze

For the filling:
15g butter (melted)
50g soft brown sugar
100g mixed dried fruit

1. Mix the yeast, milk and sugar plus 50g of the flour. Leave until frothy.
2. Mix the remaining flour and salt together. Add to the yeast mixture, then follow with the beaten egg and melted butter.
3. Mix well and knead the dough.
4. Leave in a greased bowl and cover.
5. When doubled in size, knead again and roll into a rectangle (9’ x 12’).
6. Brush with the melted butter and sprinkle on the sugar and fruit.
7. Roll up as for a Swiss roll and cut into 9 slices.
8. Place in a greased 9’ square tin. Leave to rise until springy.
9. Bake in an oven pre-heated to 190C for around 30-35 minutes.
10. Place on a wire rack and brush the hot buns with golden syrup.

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