Leche flan


Leche flan is not creme caramel.  This is richer, thicker, heavier and milkier.  You would only need a small slice to satisfy your sweet craving!

Below is the leche flan recipe I use.  Some use 3 egg yolks, some 6, some 10 or 12, and even 20 (!), but I’m happy with 8–just the right firmness and silkiness for me, and a balanced milky taste (not egg-y).


Ingredients for the flan:
8 egg yolks
1 tin condensed milk
1 tin evaporated milk
a few drops of vanilla

for the syrup:
1 cup demerara sugar
1 cup white sugar
1/4 cup water
a few drops of vanilla or some lemon zest
a squeeze of lemon (to prevent it from turning hard like rock!)

1. Put a tray with water in the oven and pre-heat to 350F or 176.6C (only if you don’t have a steamer).
2. Put together all the syrup ingredients in a saucepan–or straight into the dish you’re using. Melt the sugar on the hob (don’t stir!–otherwise, if you haven’t added lemon, the sugar turns back into granules), then transfer to the dish you’ll be using.  (Some burn the sugar in the dish to create a brown-topped flan.)
3. Whisk the egg yolks (if you have an electric beater, that’s better).  Once the yolks are mixed, continue whisking, and, slowly and alternately, add the condensed and evaporated milk (I made the mistake of chucking them all in before, and my flan came out like cheese with plenty of holes and the taste was not ‘even’–some parts tasted like condensed milk, some evaporated, and some like pure eggs!).  Add the vanilla at the start or middle of the process.
4. Transfer the flan mixture into the dish lined with the syrup (don’t worry even if the syrup is runny–if it gets mixed in the flan mixture, it will separate while cooking).  Cover with aluminum foil.
5. Put in the oven or steamer and steam for 35-45 minutes.
6. Before flipping over onto a plate/dish, loosen the sides with a knife (just like what we do with cakes).


A friend made my recipe!

6 responses to “Leche flan

  1. The flan tuned out delicious when I tried it. What i love about you recipes is that you are so meticulous about the details and have given all the little tips which makes it so easy for anyone following the recipe and it just can’t go wrong. Love you girl and your recipes 🙂 !

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