Boiled Egg (the Filipino way)

If you want boiled egg/s and you happen to be cooking rice….


Happy together….

Just wash the egg, and put it on top of the cooking rice 10 minutes before you turn off the stove (this is the time when the rice has just absorbed all the water—you wouldn’t want your egg to sink into the rice!).  I guarantee you’ll have a hard boiled egg at the end!

TIP (not for the egg, but for the rice!):
Try to take just 3 seconds in putting the egg into the pot of rice.  One second for lifting the lid, another for putting in the egg, and another for closing the lid.  We don’t want too much heat escaping from the pot!


6 responses to “Boiled Egg (the Filipino way)

  1. Interesting way to cook an egg! I wonder how it works out in a rice cooker?

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I’m glad because I’ve found yours!
    Looking forward to cooking Filipino food, I’ve never cooked it before!

    • Same way as you would in an ordinary pot of cooking rice. I might experiment next time if 6 minutes would be enough to make it hard boiled (just as it would in boiling/simmering water–according to Delia Smith!).

      Thanks for checking my site as well. I hope to post more during the last quarter of this year. I’ll also be on the look out for new recipes in your blog. Have a great day! 🙂

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