IMG_8876This is the second time I’ve made lasagna.  The first time it was too dry, so I made sure this time to put plenty of tomatoes (tinned, actually) for the sauce.  So just the usual ingredients–garlic and onion sauteed in olive oil, beef mince, capsicum, salt and pepper to taste.

IMG_8877I put a layer of sauce in the baking tray first before placing the first layer of lasagna sheets.  Then afterwards, the lasagna sheet, sauce, and a generous layer of shredded cheese–repeat as many times as your tray would accommodate.  The last layer would of course be generously covered again with sauce and cheese.  Cover with aluminum foil.

Bake in an oven pre-heated to 180C.  I can’t remember anymore how long for (30 minutes?) as I was so anxious I was always checking it (but never opening the oven door).  You’ll see when the sauce is simmering, and when the pasta has already absorbed most of the sauce.


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