Gelatin (Gulaman)

IMG_5397This is the most common in the Philippines–the gelatin made from carageenan, also known in the UK as agar-agar.  Back then I thought this was sub-standard–as it’s cheaper than the powdered, flavoured ones that come in a carton (the branded ones).  But now, I sometimes appreciate it when the food processing industry could not gain the economy of scale in developing countries!

IMG_5392This is flavourless and comes in different colours–red, green and white–the last which actually becomes colourless when cooked.  I chose the colourless one as that’s what my Nanay always did–with her distrust of food colours–thanks to her now that there are plenty of researches revealing the negative effects of artificial colouring on food.

This is usually cooked mixed with sugar (to taste) and a bit of milk added near the end (evaporated or condensed).  Sometimes raisins or tinned fruits are added halfway through the coagulation process.  In this recipe I skipped the milk, and added fresh nectarines and pears just before I turned off the stove.  I have no mould so I used yogurt cups.  The batch yielded a little over 6 cups.

1. Rinse the gulaman bar under the tap.
2. Place the bar in a pot and add water just enough to cover the bar, or level.
3. Add sugar to taste (I put less than a tablespoon).
4. Bring to a boil and stir until all the carageenan membranes have dissolved. Add fruits of choice–leave for 1 to 2 minutes then turn off the stove.
4. Transfer to a mould.

At room temperature, it only takes less than an hour for this natural gelatin to set!

I have no picture of the set gelatine as I served it to guests (couldn’t really say can I take a picture first, lol) and we had second helpings thus demolished everything.

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