I wanted to have some naan with my vegetable curry, but do not have the patience to make some now (with all the waiting!).  So I made a quick search for roti–good, it does not need too much waiting, just 30 minutes for the dough to rest!

I’m using Lathiya’s recipe as a guide:

1 cup plain flour
a pinch of salt
a pinch of sugar (which we forgot to add!)
enough water to make a dough

Mix the ingredients and knead.  Let the dough rest for 30 minutes.  Form into balls (we made 4).  Flatten with a rolling pin.

We don’t have a tawa but we do have a very old, heavy wok that is so carbonised and proved perfect in this case.  So….

Put the wok on the stove, don’t put any oil in the wok, and turn on the stove.  When the wok is very, very hot, throw in your flattened dough and you’ll see it ballooning after a few seconds.  Flip over.  They’re okay if brown spots have formed on both sides.  I purposely burnt mine a bit because that’s how I like it! 🙂

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