Just fish, veggies & rice


Not really a recipe, but just using up what’s in hand….

In a skillet I sauted some garlic, then added the following vegetables one at a time: green capsicum, pre-cooked edamame beans, carrots, green beans.  I then covered the skillet.  When cooked halfway through, I added a pinch of salt (optional), threw in a veggie bouillon (optional) and dissolved it in the natural veggie broth, added the cauliflower and brocolli, sprinkled some ground pepper, and covered the skillet again until the last vegetables were done.  I then pushed the veggies to one side, and put boiled rice to one side to absorb the juices.

For the plating–I put the rice on one side, the vegetables in the other, and placed a steamed fish on top, then covered the fish with cheddar slices; then nuked for a minute or until the cheese was melted.





6 responses to “Just fish, veggies & rice

  1. Cheese may not be necessary, but it’s always a bonus to have. :D. A friend of mine told me you can put a slice of cheese and cook it into instant ramen soup to go with the noodles. It’s a crazy amount of sodium for one sitting, but it just goes to show cheese is welcomed in all dishes. 🙂

    • Actually, I did remember that–that fish and cheese are not supposed to go together 🙂 And I thought I could have stopped at that point (ie, before adding the cheese), but went ahead anyway. My verdict: there will be days I’d like the ‘with cheese’, and some days when I would prefer ‘without cheese’ 🙂

      Cheese in instant ramen soup! Ok, I might try that some time, lol–I think I’ll try first with a soft cheese variety 🙂

      • Yes, apparently it’s not kosher and others believe that the flavours don’t mix…..but I survived. 🙂 My friend does it with the processed cheese slices. Not the healthiest, but it’s interesting. 🙂

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