Pancit Palabok (my version)


I had always been intimidated to make this dish, as I did not know how to produce the required crab fat.  But once I saw crab fat in jars at the supermarket (not in the UK, of course)!  Anyway, don’t worry, crab spread is a fair substitue.  Here is my version–based on memory, and after checking other blogs I’m surprised that my version comes close!

You don’t have to have all the ingredients.  I had this dish this morning (brunch!) without most of the garnishing like pork crackling and smoked fish.  I didn’t bother to boil an egg as well, and I forgot I had some lemons!

oil for frying
garlic (5 cloves, minced)
pork (est. 100g, minced or diced)
shelled prawn/shrimp (est. 6 prawns or shrimp equivalent)
crab spread (75g jar; the original recipe uses crab fat!)
salt and fish/Thai sauce
rice noodles

pork crackling/rind (crushed)
shredded smoked fish (mackerel or blackfin scad)
boiled egg
chopped spring onion
lemon (or calamansi – citrofortunella microcarpa)


For the sauce

  • Saute garlic
  • Add pork until browned and fat has come out
  • Add prawn/shrimp until cooked
  • Add the crab spread (or crab fat)
  • You can add a bit of water if the sauce is becoming too thick—it should be liquid enough to coat the noodles
  • Add salt and Thai sauce to taste


  • Cook the rice noodles as indicated in the packet


  • Top the noodles with the sauce, or mix them together—your choice!
  • Garnish, and serve with a slice of lemon to squeeze


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