Baked tortilla chips with cheese

I haven’t thought of baking ready-to-eat tortilla chips before, but one time my Cajun friend prepared a TexMex feast for me and this one caught my attention (anything that’s easy to prepare catches my attention!).  Well, she had a separate cheese sauce prepared (not the usual one but something more complicated for me), so I thought I’d do a shortcut….


home-brand tortillas
cheese (any, and you can do combinations of several types)
ground pepper or chilli flakes

1. Pre-heat oven to 180C
2. Grate cheese and scatter on top of mound of tortillas on a baking tray
3. Season with ground pepper or chilli flakes
4. Bake the tortillas for 3-5 minutes–if you want it longer, keep an eye on it!

Nothing better than warm, crunchy tortillas with melted cheese on it!


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