Sinangag (Fried Rice #1)


Sinangag is fried rice, sometimes called garlic rice because the basic ingredients are rice, garlic and salt. You could have your fried rice plain, or with bits of vegetables and meat. I have titled this post “Fried Rice #1” because I expect more versions to follow—depends on what I have in the fridge.

By the way, Filipinos usually make this at home with their leftover rice from the previous night. Unless we’re eating in a fried rice house, we don’t usually order this from restaurants (unless they assure us it’s made from freshly cooked rice, and we can tell if it is!)—we feel short-changed when served with leftovers!

oil for frying
2 cloves garlic (minced)
2 thick slices of sausage (minced)
2 cups boiled rice
salt to taste
2 sticks spring onions
2 eggs, splashed with milk and beaten

1. Fry the garlic
2. Add sausage
3. When sausage turns toasty, add rice
4. Keep mixing unless you want some of those crusty bits of rice that form at the bottom of the wok
5. Add salt to taste
6. Add chopped spring onions and chives (you could also opt to have these as garnish instead)
7. Add the beaten eggs and keep mixing until the eggs are cooked

Serves 2


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