Banana Yoshimoto-inspired breakfast

When I started going independent, that was also the time that Banana Yoshimoto’s short story “Kitchen” came out.  I was thrilled with the juvenile love story, but fell in love with the process of preparing food–I didn’t know it could be that cool!

It was such a long time ago, and my B.Y. books are in the PH, but if I remember it right–Mikage, the lead character in the story prepared this breakfast for Eriko: egg, cucumber salad and soupy rice.


I can’t remember how she made the egg, but I have boiled egg and scrambled eggs here–the latter with a sprinkling of kalonji seeds.  The cucumber salad was pickled for an hour in vinegar, sugar, salt and ground pepper.  I didn’t make soupy rice, but just the usual boiled/steamed rice.

4 responses to “Banana Yoshimoto-inspired breakfast

  1. Nice! I’m writing about pickles all this month on my blog, as you saw, and to Caucasian Americans pickles at breakfast seem odd. I keep telling people how easy and delicious they are–just as you’ve shown here. I think we’re on our way to changing their minds about morning pickles. 😉

    • ‘Should not be very different from the pickled gherkin they get with their burger sandwich which they pick up on their way to the office in the morning, really 🙂

    • I was deliberating whether to mention B.Y. or not, Rini, as mentioning her would be a giveaway on my age, lol 😀 Anyway, it’s interesting how what we could consider a v.ordinary breakfast back home could be depicted by B.Y. as something so sumptuous (a real master storyteller!)! And enjoy I did this meal!

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