Steamed mussels (Tahong)


1 kg mussels
2-inch ginger (sliced thinly)
sea salt to taste (optional)

1. Submerge the mussels in cold water straight from the tap. Leave for an hour or two–this would make them “cough out” sand from their ‘mouths’ (we don’t want a visit to the dentist!).
2. Place the sliced ginger in a big pot.
3. After an hour or two, gently lift the mussels from the water and place them in the pot (sand should have already settled at the bottom so make sure the water doesn’t get stirred).
4. Sprinkle some salt on the mussels–but this is optional as mussels are already salty on their own (I assume they only live in seawater).
5. Do NOT add water.
6. Cover the pot, turn the stove on low.
img_44847. Check after 10-15 minutes, or, the moment the shells open–the mussels are ready (if they’re left longer, the mussels shrink and become rubbery and not juicy). By this time they would also have already yielded plenty of broth in the pot–that’s why no water is added in the preparation.

*Tip: Leftover broth is great for boiling pasta, or boiling in a combo of shredded corn and green beans



Power meal!

13 responses to “Steamed mussels (Tahong)

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    • It’s how we’ve always made them, Ghing. Sometimes grilled over hot coals (ie, on an iron sheet on top of the coals)–snatched the moment they open (so the juices are still retained). ‘Would be interested to know how your dad cooks mussels. Thanks for dropping by!

    • Hi Andrew! Thanks for dropping by. It’s not really my recipe–but the whole Philippine archipelago’s! 🙂 I am not on FB (yet)–will you keep the invite open (until I get to sit down and create an account–whenever that is!)? 🙂 For the meantime, if you visit the page for this recipe (ie, not through the Reader), you can post it on FB.

      ‘Hope you enjoy this recipe when you finally make it. Masarap talaga ang tahong! 🙂

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