Arroz Valenciana


olive oil for sauteing
half a head of garlic (minced)
2 chicken breast fillets (cut into strips)
approx. 30 black olives (sliced into rings)
1 big bulb of red or white onion (julienned)
turmeric (powder or freshly sliced) or paprika or annatto water for coloring
1 or 2 red capsicums (julienned)
6 tomatoes (thinly sliced)
1 pint of Arroz Valenciana rice (alternative: mix of sticky/glutinous rice and regular rice – ratio of 1:2)
1/2 cup green peas
50g raisins
salt and pepper for seasoning
boiling water or stock

Optional additional ingredients:
2 strips of pork belly (cut into bite-size pieces)
and/or 1 large chorizo de bilbao (I have not found them in the UK–yet) or 4 regular-sized frankfurters (sliced into discs)
(Note: I’ve tried using the regular chorizo from the shops but the taste overpowered the dish)


  • Saute garlic in olive oil
  • Add chicken strips to sear
  • When the chicken starts to render, add olives to fry…
  • … Then the onions.  Stir and cover.
  • After the onions have wilted, add turmeric/paprika powder or annatto water for coloring
  • Add capsicum to fry, then…
  • … Add tomatoes
  • Cover until the juice from the tomatoes runs
  • Add green peas, raisins, and salt & pepper to taste
  • Add the rice.  Stir lightly and mix.
  • Add boiling water or stock (refer to the rice packet for the proportion of water to rice).  Cover pot until the rice cooks.

Serves 8

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