Rough puff pastry


Our guide for our rough puff pastry is Mary Norwak’s, from her book “Home Baking”.  We do not exactly follow her procedure.  Below is how we actually do it.  We also reduce the amount of the shortening.

225g plain flourIMG_6600
1/2 tsp salt
75g lard (we only use 50g)
75g hard margarine (we only use 50g)
90-120ml / 6-8 tbsp water

1. Sift flour and salt.
2. Cut fat into flour until the the fat is broken into pieces the size of 1/4 inch; then mix to a soft dough with water.
3. Roll out dough to an oblong on a floured surface–approximately 12×6 inches.
4. Fold bottom third upwards, and top third downwards and over it. Then seal the left and right edges.
5. Rotate 90 degrees, roll, fold and seal twice more. (If pastry becomes too soft, chill between rollings.)
6. Roll out to required size, then trim.
7. Glaze with egg or milk, then bake.

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    • “What’s inside” will be the next post 🙂 Are you in the continent? 🙂 If you are, enjoy 🙂 I’m waving to you from the little, ‘great’ island across! 😄

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