About me and this blog

Not a connoisseur
I love food from all cultures. But once in a while I do miss Filipino food. I didn’t grow up cooking, so I now make an effort learning and trying to re-create the dishes I miss from the Philippines (by remembering, experimenting, and by cross-checking with recipes of other Filipino friends and food bloggers).

This blog is an attempt to compile and organise my recipe notes (from slips of paper scrawled in haste!), and to share them with you as well.

The UK challenge
Staying true to the Filipino cuisine while in the UK is a challenge for me due to several reasons:

  • Availability of/access to ingredients;
  • and particular kitchen implements;
  • as well as time and economy!

But I try to do my best with what I have!

Not all Filipino
There are many hints of influences in the Filipino cuisine. For reference, I have put the major influences in categories–Malay, Hispanic, Chinese and American. But the variety of foods Filipinos eat is more than these. Living in the UK continues to contribute to my ever-expanding food experience and taste. Don’t be surprised if at times you find me “Filipinizing” an English, European or Indian dish! And please also note that Filipino dishes may vary between regions, provinces, towns and even households!

Happy meals!
From time to time you would also find recipes in this blog which are just my own, and which I may never get to cook again!  I hate waste, so if I see a weary potato, a frowning capsicum and a crying tomato I may try to create a happy meal out of them! You will find them under the category ‘Anything goes’.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and if you try any of the recipes listed here, I hope you enjoy your meal!  Happy eating! 🙂

2 responses to “About me and this blog

  1. Thank you very much for visiting my blog! I enjoyed looking through your delicious recipes and am looking forward to trying one of them!

    • Thank you too, Pinky for going through my posts–my attempt to re-create the flavours of home and to create new comforts from what’s available.

      I will be taking a peek at your pantry every now and then–you know so many recipes, thanks for sharing them–I have a lot to learn! Best wishes 🙂

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