Kewan’s breakfast rolls


Well, these are really just breakfast rolls, but I call them Kewan’s breakfast rolls because I used her recipe as a guide, and I associate it with her.  But they really are not just breakfast rolls, because they are so moreish, and they remind me of the breads that we get from the local bakeries back home—the taste and texture of monay, or putok—a bit egg-y and sweet, and between dense and soft.

From the original recipe, I halved the liquid ingredients (excluding the eggs), and I did the process a bit differently–I am not a confident bread baker, but getting there by constantly practising on this same recipe!  I have also been reading Mary Norwak’s book “Home Baking” to learn more tips.

If you want to see Kewan’s original recipe, visit her at Kewrites.


For the yeastroll2_cookingflip
yeast (1 tsp)
water (50ml)
sugar (1 tsp)

For the dough
Plain flour (500g)
butter (100g)
eggs (2, beaten)
milk (50ml)
sugar (100g)
salt (1 tsp)
egg white for glazing (optional)


For the yeast
Microwave water for 10-15 seconds (at 800 watts).  Feel the water if it’s at body temperature (I dip my knuckle in it!).  If it is, dissolve 1 tsp of sugar in it, then add the yeast.  doughrolls_cookingflipStir and leave for a few minutes in a warm corner until it froths.  On cold days, you can microwave some water in a bowl, remove it from the microwave and let the container with yeast sit on it.

For the dough
1. Sift flour in a large bowl.
2. Cut the butter into small pieces and rub in the flour.
3. Add the yeast mixture.
4. Keep mixing while adding the beaten eggs.
5. Meanwhile, mix the sugar and salt in the milk, then add into the flour mixture.
6. The mixture will seem to be wet at the beginning, but as you continue it will come clean off the sides of the bowl.  When it does, you can now take the dough from the bowl and knead it on the counter.
7. Knead until the dough becomes elastic.
8. Put in a greased bowl and cover with a moist cloth (I must admit when the cloth dried, I could not be bothered to wet it again!)
8. Set aside, and wait for the dough to rise double in size.  (In a cold room, the dough could rise for 8-12 hours–that’s what Mary Norwak said.  One time I put the bowl with the dough on top of a bain marie, but this time I put it on top of my electric blanket then switched it on!)
9. When dough has doubled in size, punch out the air, knead again, cut into small lumps (depends on the size of and how many rolls you want—I made 8 big ones from this batch), roll out thinly, then roll in to its final form, and glaze with egg white if you prefer (I don’t as it makes it difficult for me to tell if the bread is burning or not).  While doing these, pre-heat your oven (I have a fan oven, so I set it between 180-190C).
10. Arrange the rolls on a greased baking tray then put it in the oven.
11. (At 190C, my rolls on the lower shelf cooked in 15 mins.  I took them out, then moved the tray from the upper shelf to the lower shelf, adjusted the temperature to 180C, and cooked the remaining rolls for another 5 minutes.)


8 responses to “Kewan’s breakfast rolls

  1. Wow! Looks so yummy. This really made me hungry, but i have typhoid lol.
    I am looking forward to seeing more cool things from you, so I followed you.

    (My blog PerfectionistYou.Com)

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