Chicken liver adobo (Adobong atay ng manok)


This is the same as the basic adobo recipe–soy sauce (with soya content ranging between 20-27%), vinegar (coconut or sugar cane), garlic (plenty), onion (optional) and ground and whole peppercorns (as many as you wish if you love crunching on whole peppercorns) and a leaf or two of bayleaf.

My formula for the propotion of liquid is: 1 part vinegar for every 2 parts soy sauce.

You may opt to saute the garlic and onion first before throwing everything into the pot and bringing to a boil then simmering (it’s all right not to saute if fatty meat is being used)–unless you enjoy the raw garlic and onion taste.

16 responses to “Chicken liver adobo (Adobong atay ng manok)

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    • Hi. As far as I know, we don’t make beef adobo (hmm… beef and vinegar–I can’t imagine the taste!). We make adobo with pork, chix, pork-chix combo, chix liver, squid, green beans. You might want to try “bistek” (Filipino beef steak) which is beef, citrus (calamansi–you can sub with lemon or lemon & lime combination) soy sauce, onions and ground pepper. I posted it before, it should come up when you type “bistek” in my search box. (Adobo also works best with soy sauce with high soya content, and vinegar that is not sharp in taste–if you’re using say, malt vinegar, you can reduce the proportion). ‘Hope these tips help! โ˜€

  2. Looks really good. Love both adobo & chicken liver, so I can imagine easily that this dish must be really good!!!

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