Mussels in coconut milk



I didn’t know that mussels could also be cooked in coconut milk–we always did it with crabs, but not with mussels or clams.  But I came across another Filipina blogger, Ghing who shared their family’s mussels recipe in coconut milk.  I was hesitant at first–I was worried the coconut milk would overpower the flavour of the natural mussels broth, but it didn’t, and actually the flavours complemented!

So how did I make this–first I prepared the mussels the usual way (steaming with ginger and salt in a pot–no water), and then, in a deep skillet I sauted probably just 2 cloves of garlic (so as not to overpower the taste), then a few chilli seeds, then added some celery stalks (because I had some), then the mussels (de-shelled) together with the broth.  When the celery wilted, I added some spinach just on the side to wilt (vegetables are good for our health!), then the coconut milk just before turning off the stove (that is, if you want a creamy consistency).

This tasted so good and so healthy!



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