Cumin Rice


‘Had another lovely meal at my friend A’s place.  There was cumin rice and it was so moreish.  I asked what’s in it—basmati rice, ghee, cumin, chicken stock cube, and onions are optional.  So here’s my attempt:

vegetable oil and a dollop of butter for frying (I don’t have ghee)
1 ½ tsps whole cumin seeds
1 ½ cups patna rice (I don’t have basmati)
1 chicken stock cube
water (as per instruction in your rice packet)

1. Heat oil and fry the cumin seeds.
2. When the cumin seeds start to make popping sounds, add the rice and fry.
3. While the rice is frying, dissolve the chicken stock cube in hot water.
4. Add the stock to the rice and top up with the required amount of water.
5. Cover and do not disturb until the rice cooks!

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