Fried fish (how do you make yours?)


Fish is part of the daily diet in the Philippines–not surprising for an archipelago composed of more than 2,500 islands!

For a quick meal of fried fish, we just smother the fish in salt (you read me right–smother in salt), and then leave it for 1-2 hours before frying.pritoisda1_cookingflip  Flip over to brown both sides.  Throw in a crushed garlic (with the skin) in the wok.

You’d be surprised that this is not even half as salty as crisps or the fried chicken from fastfood chains.  But savoury enough to make you satisfied and not crave for snacks after your meal!


6 responses to “Fried fish (how do you make yours?)

    • I thought I’d revisit the most basic (then I’d like to try the spiced ones which I see in other blogs!). We also sometimes fry it without the garlic.

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