Chicken and cannellini beans


‘Just using up what’s close to hand. The stew turned out really, really good–like creme soup.

Olive oil to coat the pan
3 chicken thighs
3 cloves garlic (minced)
1 medium-sized white onion (julienned)
1 yellow capsicum (julienned)
handful of sugar snap peas (tips trimmed)
1 small carrot (cut into slivers)
1 tin cannellini beans in water (drained)
a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce
sea salt and salt pepper to taste
½ tsp dried mixed herbs

1. Lightly fry the chicken in the pan—skin side down first, then turn over.IMG_4757
2. Add garlic, then onion to sauté.  Cover.  When onion is translucent….
3. Add the capsicum to fry.  Cover.
4. Then add the peas and carrot.  Cover.  When cooked….
5. Add the tinned beans, Worcestershire sauce and salt.  Cover for est. 10 minutes.
6. Add pepper and mixed herbs, stir, and turn the stove off.




4 responses to “Chicken and cannellini beans

    • It really was, chef. I didn’t expect it to turn out so good!

      I made your burger patties last year, by the way. I made two mistakes, however–I forgot to put worcestershire sauce, and I cooked it in a “lean and mean” machine–which was really mean as it stripped off the flavours–but I saved the [seasoned] fat that dripped from the machine and used it in other cookings and it was delicious! 🙂 The rest of the patties I cooked in a skillet with sauted onions, plus soy sauce and lemon and a bit of cornstarch at the end–it was awesome and that was our new year’s [big] dinner before heading out to a new year’s party! The next time I make it I will make sure to follow all your instructions. Have a great day!

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