Beans – exploring possibilities

A dear granny friend of mine gave me some lemon basil from her garden.  As I had plain boiled black-eyed beans at home, I thought that would be a [very] nice ingredient to add.

IMG_7990I wouldn’t remember anymore how I exactly made this stew, but it would be the usual–first sauteing the garlic and the onion.  Then adding the beef mince, sliced sausages, then the capsicum–until it’s fried a little.  The tomatoes come next, until the juice starts running.  Next would be the seasoning–salt, and I realised I’ve been putting worcestershire sauce in a very small amount, so I added a bit more to give that ‘ooomph’ in my stew.  I also added a teaspon of sumach.  When all the flavours have melded, the carrots joined in, then after a short while the prepared beans.  When the carrots have cooked, and the beans have absorbed the flavours, I added granny’s lemon basil, and some broccoli florets.

I served the dish with microwaved spinach on the side.  I rarely praise myself, but this was phenomenal, and felt so healthy too! 💪


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