Apple tart

IMG_8913We seem to have been amounting cooking apples on our table, and for a long time already I have been wanting to try the apple pies of Andrea in Cooking with a Wallflower (this and this)—if that would convince me to like apples in pies.  They just really look delicious, and what really attracts me to them is that they don’t look soggy—the fillings are not stewed in syrup; she just coats the apple slices in plain flour, sugar and the spices of her choice!  Hey, that’s easy!

As making pastry is not my favourite, I got someone to make it using Mary Norwak’s rough puff pastry recipe.  And then for the filling I sliced five apples with their skin (for added fiber, plus I couldn’t be bothered to peel).  With regards to measurement, I just winged the whole thing—basing on how much I love each ingredient: demerara sugar, honey, cinnamon (the only spice my cavemate and I commonly agreed on), and enough flour to coat the apple slices with.

To arrange—grease the pie dish, line with the pastry, pour in the filling—dot with butter or not?  I would have, but my kitchen partner was already worried with the amount of fat that went into the pastry.  Then we covered it with pastry strips.  (Note: the reason I call this an apple tart is because I’ve been told it’s a pie if it’s fully covered; but since the fillings are exposed—regardless if partially or not, then it’s a tart.)

I followed Andrea’s oven temperature, although I don’t know what her oven is—mine is a fan.  Pre-heat to 200C, put the tart in the oven, after 15 minutes lower to 175C and leave for another 40 minutes (next time I’ll try 35mins, although the 40 was fine).

My verdict?  Two thumbs up!👍👍  And next time we won’t skip the dots of butter before covering with the pastry strips, and, maybe—steeping the apple slices first in a tablespoon of rum or brandy—those are just personal preferences.  And I’ll also try what Andrea did—drizzling the honey to fall in the filling’s crevices when already arranged in the dish instead of mixing it in.  Thanks to Andrea for the inspiration!  I love this cooking community! 🍞🍰🍜🍳


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