De-constructing my sushi


There is no other reason for this except that I could not be bothered (and I don’t have the mat equipment anyway).  Also, I’ve already used up all the nori sheets that my friend “S” had given me–by including them in soups.

This is so, sooo good.  Playmate asked what I had in mind when I made it–I said the tuna meal at the Tokyo Tokyo foodchain in Manila (no paid advertising here, don’t even know if they still serve it, and I didn’t visit their store in my last two visits).

“S” gave me some sushi rice a long time ago.  I just followed the cooking directions at the back of the packet.  Very easy (just wash 3 times then boil–don’t open the lid!).  The roasted black sesame seeds also came from “S”–I added it for presentation, and flavour of course.  For the radish salad–it’s a handful of radish, a stick of celery, and a few slices of sweet-sour ginger pickle that Playmate made (I need to get the recipe!); I also added two spoonfuls of the pickle syrup, then was mixing the whole thing every now and then while I was preparing the rest of the meal (as you can see, I was also slicing a ripe mango and washing and tearing some lettuce!).

The tuna (that’s tinned tuna, by the way)–I sauted some slivers of white onion in groundnut oil, added some chestnut mushrooms, some salt (from my beloved PH–thinking we’re almost sharing the same saltwater with Japan), a squeeze or two of lemon juice, then the tuna, and near the end some sweet-soya sauce (from “S” again) mixed with the soy sauce from the PH (27% soya content).  Just before turning off the stove I mixed in a teaspoon probably of sesame oil.

Happy & Healthy Eating! 🌊🐟🌾🎣🍣


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