My tropical escape (1)

I hope you are all keeping well.  After a long absence, I don’t know where to begin.  Maybe I’d share with you  some of the food pictures from my last trip to the PH–just so you know what types of food we eat there!  However, I was not able to take pictures of everything, as most of the time I just dived into my food straight away!  But there should be enough to show you in my next few posts, so I hope you’ll enjoy!

Below you’d see two types of spring rolls–the fried one (lumpiang shanghai), and the fresh one (lumpiang sariwa / ubod).  The second one would usually include the soft core from the trunk of either the following trees: coconut, banana, bamboo (yes, you’ll have to cut down the tree and split it into two–for the coconut you need a chain saw!).  Can you see how they’re served in banana leaf?  People will not spend on aluminum foil when there’s free or cheap resource!


Next is grilled tuna (probably 400g) and grilled eggplant.  The latter is the variety I couldn’t find in the UK–it turns soft and mushy–perfect for aubergine torta.  Next to it is a calamansi, sometimes called lemoncito, and a bit smaller than a key lime.

We also had mangosteen!  Grown only in selected parts of the country–my mother must have bought it for a high price!  But it didn’t get wasted, so it was all right 😋


Cheers! ☀🌴

9 responses to “My tropical escape (1)

  1. Seeing your pictures brought back lots of good memories. I especially miss the lumpiang ubod from our farm in Bicol. I haven’t been to the Philippines in almost 20 years. Makes me feel like taking a trip back home!

    • Twenty years is too long! I’ll now be the one to wait for your pix from Bicol–‘hope that will be some time soon. Kinunot, pili nuts… 😋

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