Season’s last day of festive feasting


Happy Epiphany!  ‘Just sharing with you a video of our Christmas pudding, eaten on New Year’s eve, and prepared in October 2017 (we made two)–yes, matured for 15 months–I could only tell you it was awesome!  We’ve almost forgotten about it, but managed to regularly baste it with rum in the last month.

There was no need for presentation (‘couldn’t be bothered), so after steaming it for 2 hours, it was just set ablaze (using brandy) on top of the kitchen counter for us to admire.  Below’s a video.  (And further below are videos of the presentation fail–first it got stuck to the bottom of the bowl, then a part of it was left behind–no need to click on them, only if you’re curious.)


4 responses to “Season’s last day of festive feasting

  1. Oh wow! I’ve never seen pudding lit on fire like this, verrrrrry nice!
    Also can’t believe you guys matured it for so long, wow weee!!
    I bet it was delicious!
    Thanks for the videos!

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