Viva España!

A trip to Spain in autumn did not disappoint—28C when it was already 15C in the UK—not bad at all!  And staying in a lovely villa made the holiday really worth it all.  (No paid promotion here, folks—just returning a huge generosity and kindness from the lovely host.)

Food-wise, yours truly was in a frenzy seeing many familiar goods in the supermarket.  The Spaniards really know how to eat good food!  I wonder why in the UK it could be offensive to have these legs of ham hanging down from the ceiling (hooves still attached), but have to be presented instead as a square block of meat, covered in plastic or encased in a tin.  Anyway….

Eating out–the only disappointment was not being able to taste the authentic Spanish paella and the region’s famous Caldero del Mar (why, o why have it in the menu when you don’t have it?  I know, I know, it takes a while, but you open your shops at 8pm—you could have started cooking at 5.00?).  Crazy Filipina resorted to asking for arroz blanco with her calamares and gambas instead!  I should have brushed up on my Spanish and instead of asking an elderly lady met on the way with the easiest words I could grapple with to structure a sentence–“Mi abuela, donde es supermercado?”—I should have said “Abuela, puedemos comemos en tu casa?”  (Playmate warned not to use the possessive “mi” as it may not be endearing in the place!)  There might be some grammatical errors in there, but as long as I’m intelligible, I should be all right!

So these are my food highlights—not all, but only when I remembered to take pictures.  Hover at the bottom of each picture or play the slide to read the caption.  Enjoy!


Treats familiar and new….

2 responses to “Viva España!

  1. Amazing. I’ll try to put a link on the website for the Villa.

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