Have you peeled a pineapple before?

Sometimes, what I think everybody automatically knows (or should know) is not the case, and I know some people probably wonder as well why I don’t know things which they think everybody knows.  So I hope I’m forgiven when I think everybody should know what is almost second nature to me, and that they be patient with me as well with regard to things that I have no clue about!  You see, the major produce of the town where I grew up were coffee, coconuts, pineapples, papaya, bananas, peppercorns–so ask me how coffee is made, how coconuts are cracked open and shredded and how pineapples are peeled. ☕🍍👍👏🙌🙌

Not bad for a first-timer….

4 responses to “Have you peeled a pineapple before?

  1. You were right all along, you’re a star 😊 🌠 I’ve seen some people just hacking around from top to bottom and as deep as they can–makes me cringe with all the wastage!

  2. I read this post the other day, and went back to look at pictures and failed to comment. Do you cut out the little brown areas individually? I usually try to “carve” it with one slice down, but may be wasting to much fruit….

    • No, no–not individually–it would take forever 🙂 I do just like what you do–knife poised diagonally and tilted a bit sideways, I make the longest possible cut on the edge of the “eyes”, then repeat on the other edge (the opposite point of the diameter). On slicing, we slice from the top then down–we don’t slice them into rings as the bottom part (if I remember it right) ripens first, and nobody wants to get the not-so-ripe or sour part.

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