Summer coolers


Here in the UK summer came a month early and we’ve been enduring a heat wave for a few weeks already.  Even spring this year was not that cold and we were having sporadic, freak summer days.  Climate change!  To cool myself down, I just usually eat raw fruits and vegetables, and yes–ice cream and ice lollies!

These were some of my breakfasts this week:

Banana [almost completely] covered with ice cream, then sprinkled with granola;

A large plateful of tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, radish, lettuce, capsicum-stuffed green olives, pears, nectarines and satsumas. You notice I don’t completely clean the satsuma wedges of the thready membranes–that’s because that’s where the zinc is. For the dressing I just mixed some balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil, with a pinch of salt.


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