Tandoori chicken


Not the real thing, but a good alternative to purchasing a tandoori oven!

This is the last set from the spice box that my friend gave me. I provided the chicken thighs and the lemon (juice, that is) and yoghurt where it was marinated in. Then there were the instant pots of “smoked chilli blend” and “tandoori paste” which I added. So what went into those pots… here’s the list of ingredients:

IMG_6399smoked paprika
ground cayenne
spices (I wonder what?)
sunflower oil
yeast extract
tomato puree
garlic powder

Then you can either bake or grill.

9 responses to “Tandoori chicken

    • Hi Dana–you suddenly got me thinking if I’ve tasted the real thing! Definitely not here in the UK (and my Indian friends say even in the best Indian restaurants the dishes are anglicised). But I must have, not sure, when I traveled for two months in South Asia–but that was decades ago and I wasn’t a foodie then, and was more concerned of beating project deadlines! So… I’m not able to compare–apologies!

      • Do you find a lot of dishes are anglicised over there? When I flew out of the airport there, I was really disappointed that the pad thai tasted nothing like pad thai…though I’m not sure if that was because it was the airport. Lol

      • Hi Rini–I’d give you a sweeping generalisation answer of “Yes”, though there’d be a v.few exception. Someone has a theory–cost-cutting; but because the taste (even though just a hint) is so different from what they grew up with (ie, roast/boiled potatoes, carrots & cabbage–their words, not mine), it’s already considered phenomenal, lol. Until they get to travel and taste the real thing!

        (I remember your almond & peanuts with no almonds in London, lol. You probably often heard the locals saying the word “rip-off”.)

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