Chemical weapons for food

The past few weeks had been toxic with busy skeds, in between laziness and boredom.  It was also an experimentation whether I could accomplish more by not blogging (or going online at all)–supposedly with the more important stuff, but I sometimes got derailed by exploring other crafts of interest.  Anyway, a surge of nostalgia for very unhealthy food came over me–tinned food for treats when we were children, i.e., Spam and corned beef–the former of which I haven’t tasted for many decades, and the latter for a decade or so.  And spaghetti hoops–what are they?  Just to find out, I got a tin to try.  My Playmate was cringing at this sudden abandonment of good sense–I was at my basest, grossly devouring what he calls “chemical weapons”.  The term “weapons of mass destruction” also flashed in my head during a [surprisingly] moment of lucidity–thinking of how many millions of people are subsisting on the same, and I am now one of them.

An attempt to nutri-fy my meals (to lessen the guilt) involved eating the meat loaf with some tomatoes, and omelette with greens (can’t remember what they were).  The corned beef was fried with olive oil, slices of red onion, and diced potatoes (potatoes go first, set aside, fry the onions, add the corned beef and break them up and when soft and heated–add the fried potatoes at the end).  I won’t bother with the spaghetti hoops again next time, and the others–it might take a few decades again before I get into another mad episode!


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