What’s in your roast chicken?


I stuffed mine with apple slices, orange wedges, lemon thyme, and then I stopped the holes (top and bottom) with orange peels.

What else did I do… rubbed the chicken with butter, then salt.  Afterwards ‘made sure to wash my hands properly–we don’t want cross-contamination!

‘Baked the bird as per instruction, and then 30 minutes before turning off the oven, scattered some half-cooked (in the microwave) potatoes, carrots and celeriac in the tray.


2 responses to “What’s in your roast chicken?

  1. This post somehow seems dirty….
    But I STUFF mine with garlic, rosemary,some fresh herbs, something random, because it’s like…what else should I put in here???
    Loving the video!
    I need to step my game up.

    • LOLOLOL 😂😂😂
      Same here, stuffing is random, but there will always be herbs/aromatics.
      ‘Glad the video entertained you, lol.
      Ahhh, I know you’ll come up with something cool 😉 x

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