Home cafe and resto


I am not a big spender when it comes to food and drinks that I can prepare myself.  When friends invite to eat out, my mind starts calculating how I can spend the equivalent £10-15 lunch to feed the group instead and make the offer right away.  The same for coffee–I have a stove top espresso maker that makes great coffee.  I just microwave 2/3 mug of milk, top it up with the espresso, plus sugar or no sugar (depends on who the guest is).  Sometimes I put the coffee in the mug first, and microwave the milk in a separate milk jug, froth it with an eensy weensy whisk, and carefully top up the coffee with it.  For another friend (not everyone!  otherwise I might start charging)–I bring out a special bottle, and pour a cap-full or two of Irish creme. ☕☕

10 responses to “Home cafe and resto

  1. I can’t drink coffee because my body doesn’t tolerate it well. I don’t know if I’m one of the lucky or unlucky ones. Happy weekend!

    • Oh thanks, you’re sweet 😚 I think they caught the foodie bug from me–so they now also cook/bake for me–I win too! 🏆😊
      Half a day more (a long one though) before the week ends. A great weekend ahead for us, Dana! Enjoy your home decorating 😘🏠🛀📻🎶🍻

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