Meat and veggie stew (brings the primal in you)


Well… for me, at least, especially on a rainy week like this.  I imagine being in my cave, preparing this big pot of vegetables and the last remains of a wild boar, or deer, or whatever from the last hunt–as my husband comes in and dumps another unfortunate animal on the cave floor–but what luck for us (!)–sits on a log, grunts–a signal that he is hungry and is expecting a bowl (made of wood or stone or shell, of course) of well-deserved stew.

I do miss primal life, and yes, in a way I have lived it.  Cooking over an open fire to save on gas, and at the same time (in later years) playing “jungle” with my playmate.  Ahhh, those days at the remotest part of the universe seem so far away now.  Anyway, on to what I have been up to in my relatively modern kitchen….

(I was clearing the ref so this is just a medley of veggies and meat on hand.)

vegetable oil (just a little for sauteing)
garlic (minced)
pork belly (diced)
white onion (julienned)
capsicum (slivers or small pieces)
turnip (thinly sliced)
carrots (thinly sliced)
white cabbage (shredded)
dried bean curd sticks (soaked overnight, then chopped into small pieces)
water (just a little to barely cover the stew)
sea salt and pepper to taste

In a deep pot, saute the garlic, add the pork to sear, add onion, then capsicum until both are wilted. Add the vegetables one at a time–starting on those that take longest to cook. Add a bit of salt. Don’t forget to cover with a lid. When the juices had come out, add the soaked curd sticks, and just enough water. Let boil and simmer until the meat and vegetables are tender. Season with salt and pepper.

(Thank you to my friend “S” who brought me the curd sticks 😘 )

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