Challah (the size of it)

‘Just thought I’d give you an idea on the size of the bread that’s yielded from the challah recipe that I follow.  Here are some pictures:

That’s a very big hand and it’s only half the recipe!

I brought this one to our Bible study home group, and my host asked–“Is there a bus load coming?” 😁  I told him it’s only half the recipe!  Anyway, there were only 11 of us on the “bus”, and despite more other foods brought, my challah got completely demolished!

(Note: If just for household consumption, I just bake what we can finish for the day, and keep the rest of the dough in the fridge.)

6 responses to “Challah (the size of it)

  1. This is a beautiful challah! The reason the recipe calls for so much dough is that we usually bake a minimum of 4 challahs for Shabbat, since every Shabbat meal requires two challahs to make a blessing on bread.
    Sending you many blessings for baking beautiful and delicious challahs!

    • Thank you, Dolly for this information! 🙂 I didn’t know! Partaking in a traditional and proper Shabbat meal must be really, really special, and blessed! Again, thank you for the pronouncement of blessings–coming from you it really means so much to me! And I want to bless you too–the Lord God of Israel bless you, your household, your people and your nation! Shabbat Shalom 😻💝

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