Tuna spaghetti


Ah, no it’s not the expensive fresh tuna you’re thinking of–just tinned tuna 🙂  But this is a favourite of some people very close to me, and mine too!  Paired with white wine, this recipe using cupboard ingredients instantly becomes a luxury meal!  You can also do away with the tuna and fish sauce if you want to go vegan.

(This was also one of the meals I started preparing on my own–inspired by a colleague who worked with Italian seminarians in the PH.  How I miss that time when we had access to a bio-intensive garden and we could fill carrier shopping bags with basil for cheap!)

So… just start preparing the spaghetti and then….
1. In a skillet saute plenty of minced garlic in olive oil.
2. Add sliced green olives–when the oil comes out….
3. Add sliced capers, then….
4. Add sliced tomatoes (I’d put two if it’s just for one person).
5. When the tomato juice starts to run, add a splash or two of fish/thai sauce and a pinch of sea salt. Cover so that your kitchen does not stink!  Wait for a while and then….
5. Add the tuna (you may or may not add the whole lot–sometimes I just use half when I want to go ‘light’).
6. Just before you add the prepared spaghetti (make sure it’s al dente as it’s still going to absorb some tomato juice), add some basil leaves or pesto from a jar.
7. Stir in your spaghetti, and you can also add ground pepper at this point. Turn off the stove.


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    • I got the idea from a Vietnamese blogger who was WordPressed (many years ago)–although she used it for bolognese. I thought I always make tuna spaghetti–yes, it makes sense! Recently, I have been using it in bolognese as well–it works like magic (!!!!)–and amusingly, it tasted v. Fil-spaghetti like. I must have been the only one not let in on the secret!

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