Melon juice (again!)


‘Had to check today’s weather and this seems to be the day to post this before we completely forget summer!  Of course, the weather in my locality is different from the rest of the world (or the UK), but nevertheless….

The recipe is something I already shared before (watermelon, sugar, water), but I would just really want to show a gadget I asked Nanay to send me–a pangkayod–how do you call this in English?

As you can see below, it can easily strip the melon flesh.  The long-handled teaspoon next to it–well, friends got it for me–by offering to buy it from the carvery when they ordered a knickerbocker glory but the manager just gave it to them 🙂




9 responses to “Melon juice (again!)

    • Fruit scraper, fruit stripper–any name will do for the moment, lol. I actually thought I’d find it here, but alas! I can only find those lemon zesters with the mini rings–won’t do for melons, or green/fresh coconut (the latter which can’t be found here either!).

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