Foraging for blackberries

Someone went foraging for blackberries the other day 🙂

Just like last year, we got more than 1kg in one trip alone (2 litres in volume).

I still can’t grasp why the shops are selling this for £3 in a small box that probably contains less than 30 berries.


“The Lord smelled the pleasing aroma and said in his heart: “Never again will I curse the ground…. As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” – Genesis 8:21-22

16 responses to “Foraging for blackberries

  1. Not sure if you are extremely interested in foraging for health reasons, but another at the moment are Stinging Nettle Seeds! If you have the space to let them dry out on a windowsill though 😉
    Beleive it or not, I’ve filled 2 standard honey jars and have at least another half drying out as we speak.
    Used in porriage, cereal, smoothies, baking and more.

    • Nettle seeds for cereals! Sounds interesting. Thanks for the info, Jeff. I will mention that to the “official forager” in the household. Getting stung by nettles is not my favourite thing!

      We got another 2kg of blackberries last week. And a friend foraged for the same yesterday. We have a good year!

      • I thought some time ago that fall has finally set in, but it seems we’re back in summer (despite the storm in Ireland). I suppose its warmer in London where you are. (We foraged twice more for blackberries–in total we’ve gathered a little less than 6L.)

      • Wow!
        Yup it’s warmer, our Rose hips will be done soon if I don’t crack on a trip with some bags, also this will be my first year trying hawthorn syrup / tea and perhaps a jam … so need to check on when they need picking? …

      • Not familiar with rose hips and hawthorn; will get guidance from you when you finally post something about them, lol. Envious that you’ve got a garden/allotment/farm!

      • Haha, well, you could always contact your council to be added onto any waiting list if there is one, in London I have heard that people are often waiting at least 10 years in some areas before they are next to receive a phone call from the allotments manager! Luckily in my area, It took about a week from my enquiry to getting my plot! 🙂

        I made Rose hip syrup that was great and I still have a litre awaiting consumption, this is the first time I’m logging in since October @__@ so still loads of recipes etc to upload! Didn’t get down to harvesting any Hawthorns though. By the way,I highly recommend the book ”How to Store your garden produce” by Pierce Warren.

    • You’re right, Rini, cost of transport here is really exorbitant. And I was assuming the £3 probably also covers damages for pricks and nettle stings, lol 🙂

  2. Cool! Use them quickly or freeze if you can! I let 2 kilos start to rot in the fridge 😦

    I would recommend that if you can get more, to place handfulls into small bags and freeze them for smoothies for the next few months, the nutrients in Blackberries and Elder are good immune system boosters so it’s always good to have them available during the winter months 🙂

    I’ll be posting my Smoothie recipe soon, you are quite lucky to still have them available, there are so few now in London, most have dropped or rotted on the plants…

    • The other half was put in the freezer right away (after sampling some fresh ones), the other half into a crumble which is now nearly demolished–that will be in a future post 🙂 Yes, we did notice that if you don’t freeze/cook them right away, they could grow mold in the ref.

      We hope to go back next weekend to see if there’s more–there seemed to be quite low competition this year (with the neighbourhood, lol).

      ‘Hope you get to find more blackberries, Jeff–before the witches wee on them (‘hope that phrase isn’t offensive–but I hear people say them here, ‘just parroting!)!

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