Chop Suey


For me a good chop suey is colourful, vegetables not limp, neither too raw–just cooked right with the right crisp.  These are the reasons why I have endless laments about those pre-sliced stir fry mix from the supermarkets–one is not supposed to dump all the vegetables together in the wok, not to mention the mix of vegetables not being the right combination!  Hay, naku!

I have listed below the order of the ingredients as I would cook them.  To save time, I don’t chop all the ingredients first; rather, while some are cooking, I’m quickly chopping or slicing the next.

oil for sauteing
thin strips of turkey (in the PH, this would usually be a combination of chicken & pork)
green beans
white cabbage
young corn
cauliflower florets (I didn’t have this)
brocolli florets
bouillon (optional)
salt & pepper to taste
slurry (optional)
sesame oil to drizzle at the end

Other ingredients that you could add: mushrooms, boiled quail eggs

1. In a very hot wok, saute the garlic, then add the meat. When the meat is seared (or a little toasty–depends on your preference)….
2. Add the onion, stir, and cover the wok (if yours come with a lid).
3. Quickly julienne  the capsicum and add it in the mixture. Mix. Cover.
4. Slice the carrots, add in the mixture. Mix. Cover.
5. Slice the beans, add in the mixture. Mix. Cover.
6. Do the same with the cabbage, then the young corn… cauliflower florets… brocolli florets (if you’re including the stem, they should have been added before or along with the carrots)
7. If you’re adding a bouillon cube, you can dissolve it in just a tiny amount of water and mix in with the vegetables.
8. Add salt & pepper to taste.
9. If you want your chop suey stewy, you can add some slurry, then leave it for a few minutes until the raw taste of the flour is eliminated.
10. Drizzle with sesame oil just before or right after you turn off the stove.

Always best served with rice!!!!




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